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Director and Founder Centrum Eén & Al

Happiness is not the goal, but the road to it, freeing yourself from the past shortest way.


In January 2009, I gave my life an exciting new turn. I fled from an unfortunate and very violent relationship and had to rebuild my life from scratch. I introduced myself as my own Crisis Manager and as part of a road to recovery, I started training as a Life Coach. Three months later I suddenly knew what I wanted to be!

A mission.
With physical damage, a solid burnout and Post Traumatic Stress I studied everything that was needed to heal myself in every area; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The thought to be allowed and to help others to have a body and life in balance and happiness, was immediately a huge drive.

This drive has as a result that I am trained to NEI-therapist (Neuro Emotional Integration), Neuro-Therapist and Integrative Masseur. I also have studied HBO Medical Basic subjects and I have studied the (natural) nutrition to advice my clients also in the field of nutrition and vitality as complete as possible.

A new dream.
Soon arose Eén & Al Coaching and followed the dream to establish a center where you can find everything under one roof. A center where various independent entrepreneurs from the welfare sector to join forces in a complete package of care. Here I strongly believe that the power of 1 & 1 = 11!

Centrum Eén & Al
In September 2010 arose Centrum Eén & Al. With my enthusiastic plans, I have brought a very nice team managed together, where each has its own specialty, so we complement each other well. Together we form the center for wellbeing of body and mind in the Gooi! For more information about working at Centrum Eén & Al click here

Life and Wellness Coaching
As a life and wellness coach, I look at your diet and lifestyle habits. Many physical symptoms or an overall sense of imbalance is to alleviate or even solve an optimal diet. Together we look at how you can do achievable adjustments in your lifestyle.

People who have frequent headaches or fatigue, abdominal discomfort, have vague physical complaints or a general feeling of imbalance can contact me for a complete wellness scan and a clear roadmap. For more information about wellness coaching, nutrition and vitality click here

In addition, I look with you at what aspects of your life you will experience a loss of energy. Your relationships, family, career or environment can greatly affect your sense of well-being. Together we look at where we are able to make adjustments also in these items with achievable steps as necessary to optimize your wellbeing. For more information on life coaching click here

Neurofeedback training
With neuro therapy, also called neurofeedback training, I will help you through EEG equipment and following an EEG scan to a brain that is able to perform better. People with Post Traumatic Stress, ADHD or ADD related symptoms, sleep problems, learning or behavior problems, stress or burnout can highly benefit. But also athletes and businessmen who want to perform at a high level! For more information about neurotherapy click here

With massage I involve the physical relaxation in the process. This allows the body’s vital energy flow more freely again and compulsive thinking comes to rest. Because massage stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles and nervous system, various physical ailments such as headaches, low blood pressure, poor sleep, aching muscles and joints become more enlightened.

For more information or to make an appointment, I can be reached at 06 52 08 41 44.

Coaching and Therapy € 70, -
Massage 1 hour € 55, -
Neurotherapy (neurofeedback) € 70, -
QEEG measurement is € 165, -

Welcome to Centrum Eén & Al!

Sandra Souisa
Life Coaching, Neuro Therapy, NEI therapy and Massage
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