Reiki, a special form
Reiki is not a goal. Reiki can relieve pain, and keep you healthier but Reiki is above all a part, a means, on your spiritual path. If you have found out that you will find that Reiki works much better and is much more than just a “pain killer”. Reiki has in that sense everything to do with a worldview. A worldview in which meditation or Yoga, Chakras, Prana, Nadis and certain food regulations apply. Only then you will increase an even stronger vibration and  your contact with the Universal energy will  improve.

What is Reiki
Reiki is hard to translate directly from Japanese, but the free translation is Universal Life Energy. A combination of the Japanese words ‘rei’ = universe and ‘ki’ = force or energy). It is comprehensive and all-pervading life.
We denote also the method involved in taking this energy through the hands of the giver to the receiver. The ki is known as chi in China and in India as prana. It is the essential part of your BEING.
Everything is energy, your body, all organs, but all thoughts (= power of thought) in this body ‘live’, your soul, you really ARE, is energy. Originating from the universe, universal energy and every form of energy has its own vibration.

Reiki is a method by which you connect yourself with the universe. Within this universe is plenty of energy available: the universal energy, also with his own, but very high vibrational frequency. This high frequency is due to the fact that the energy in its purest form. If it were untouched, untainted. That energy has a nourishing effect on our bodies, our minds and emotions.

With Reiki you connects your energy with this universal energy. Everyone is after his birth capable to release energy in itself to take and pass. Through the experience and / or suppression of strong emotions in early life, however, when almost everyone that power more or less blocked. In order to use it as a healing power, according to the Usui system, the giver to be initiated by a Reiki Master, that is prepared for the energy in amplified form to pass. Once someone is a ‘Reiki channel’ the healing energy flows spontaneously from his hands, this ability remains rest of his life there. They do not need to have any special talent, just want to be open to this energy.

What is Reiki doing
One of the first things that Reiki does for us, is the re-launch of our self-healing ability. Reiki cleanses, balances and purifies. Simply because the energy blockages, causing pain and discomfort caused by new energy provides. The Reiki energy flows through the generator through the body of the recipient takes exactly the amount that can be absorbed. It increases the decisiveness and strength. Reiki will find naturally her way to the territories of the recipient who need treatment. Reiki can be combined with any other spiritual and therapeutic method and the healing at all levels complement and make it stronger. Reiki has nothing to do with religion, it is neutral and universal. The body and the mind of the recipient heals itself with the offered Reiki energy. The giver is only the ‘principal’ and is therefore virtually as channels. The encoder uses not his own energy. It is true that while the giver of life energy to flow to the receiver, while he himself also reinforces and harmonizes. So someone treats and simultaneously treated yourself!

What is a Reiki Treatment
In a Reiki treatment by laying on hands energy is transferred. The person who treats puts his / her hands on the head, body, and legs of the receiver. Through the hands ‘flows’ Reiki, the healing energy. Initially, one experiences after a Reiki treatment is a deep relaxation. Therefore, the body is most open to healing. The mind responds best through relaxation. So get mind and body a chance to release all negativity. Reiki puts a healing process that all mental and physical toxins from the body. A Reiki treatment lasts about 50 minutes. During treatment, the receiver simply keeps his / her clothes on, just tight clothing such as a belt, be disconnected.

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