Reconnective Healing ®

Reconnective Healing ® is an energetic form of therapy and often life changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to the body, mind and being able to heal.

Reconnective Healing ® is much more energetic than any other  technique. This high tangible energy is operated by the Reconnective Healing Practitioner ™ and continues long after a session working. You are, as it were, tuned at higher frequencies where you reconnect with who you once were, back to the origin. It reminds you of your own blueprint of perfection, healthy and whole. It restores the balance in you. You recognize yourself in your natural state of health.

During the session, space is created in which the energy can flow freely in  this universal energy and healing is possible. You lies on a treatment table and the handler walks around you and guides the energy where you need it, without touching you. This form of healing connect us to a source of energy, light and information, and increases our light frequencies. This eliminates barriers that stand in the way our health. Reconnective Healing ® heals the man, not the disease.

Reconnective Healing ® is certainly not intended to replace conventional medicine, but has the characteristic slow and painful healing processes to ease and accelerate, sometimes spectacularly. The works by healing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The effectiveness is clearly demonstrated by the practical experience, but also in scientific laboratories. It is life-changing experience. It speaks to you without fear, to trust who you are. Once contact with this frequency, you can always access them.

Information about the sessions:

  •     Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing. During the session you lie (clothing, shoes) on your back on a massage table. If you have difficulty lying on your back, we search together for a solution.
  •     Avoid before a session using strong odors, such as perfumes, scented soaps or other cosmetics.
  •     All jewelry is allowed, as long as they do not disturb you during a session.
  •     The best way to allow healing is in a state of expectation, without attachment to the result. Go lie on the massage table, relax, close your eyes and just experience. Let all your thoughts and experience and observe if something can be experienced, if you notice anything, but also if nothing can be experienced if you notice nothing.
  •     A session lasts approximately 1 hour, of which you lie half an hour on the massage table. The remaining time is for a front and discussion afterwards. Normally, one to three sessions recommended.

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