Psychological consult

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A psychological consult can be used when you experience difficulties on a  social-emotional, psychological, behavioral or spiritual level.

For free introductory meeting for the correct choice of method of treatment and therapist please contact Sandra Souisa at 06 52 08 41 44.

It’s a good way to gain insight in the way you think, feel and act.
Together with the psychologist you explore the underlying patterns of your behavior and look at the areas where the energy is not flowing.

By different techniques that you get handed and techniques that are used you learn to deal in a different way with the symptoms you have.

Besides investigating thoughts and behavioral patterns there is the space and security provided to get in touch with your feelings and emotions and to work through them.

The first consult is the intake. The intake is to get the best possible understanding of the problems and understand your request for help.
A therapeutic process with a psychologist can sometimes be very short and sometimes it takes longer.

Indications for psychological consultation
The reasons that people go to a psychologist are various, these are a few examples.

If you:
• get stuck in the same (negative) pattern time every time
• have anxiety or panic attacks
• are in a bad relationship
• have vague physical complaints
• have difficulty setting boundaries
• you are confronted with overwhelming emotions
• have many worries and you can’t get them out of your head
• have compulsive symptoms
• feel stressed and burnout
• want to get to know yourself better and to gain insight
• have a major life question (job, relationships, home, etc.) and you can’t make  a decision on your own
• can not deal with the expectations of the current performance society
• want to enjoy more in life
• are looking for support and direction in your mourning
• feel very down
• face many uncertainties
• just want to talk to someone who is really there for you
• want to feel your own inner power and live your full potential

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