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NLP training & Coaching in Hilversum bij Centrum Eén & Al, gezondheidscentrum regio Gooi.this page in Dutch

What is NLP?
NLP is the study of our conscious and unconscious inner world and our behaviour.
NLP is about ‘how’ we do the things we do.

How do we respond in our communication and our behaviour to that what we observe.

NLP is a collection of mental techniques you use either to resolve problems from the past, and/or to better achieve your goals in the future. NLP is a different way of thinking.

Neuro Linguistic Programming stands for:
Neuro refers to the interaction between body (senses) and mind and our overall neural system (central nervous system and the mind).

Linguistic refers to the language and other nonverbal communication systems we use to give our thinking patterns (our thoughts and our reality) meaning.

Programming refers to the ability to change our thinking patterns and behaviour patterns.

NLP is also essentially a way of life. You decide how you feel, think and do. Getting into the driver’s seat of your own life. Having the freedom to be yourself. To feel confident in situations in which you were previously anxious, angry or insecure. To be authentic and to perform to your full potential. To be good to yourself and others. To be energetic and passionate. To experience inner peace and balance. To experience freedom and love and share them with others.

NLP focuses on the question: what are the unconscious processes that underlie successful behaviour or communication?

The more knowledge you have about the operation and content of your inner world, the easier you convey your messages to the outside world, and the more successful you are in life.

NLP is a method that focuses on practical application, with which you:

- learn to communicate clearer and purer with yourself.

- learn how to have influence on your thoughts and moods.

- learn to communicate more effectively with others.

- discover how you come across and what drives you and your behaviour.

How does an NLP coaching session work?


· The focus is on personal development.

· You work mainly in the here and now.

· Quick results and the number of sessions is limited.

· It makes use of cognitive and mental techniques.

Coaching is a form of personal counseling with which you, along with a coach, work on a personal goal or problem. Coaching helps you to become more self-conscious and to get the best out of yourself.

You are confronted with your own behaviour, stimulated and challenged.

In coaching, it’s assumed that you yourself know the source of your strength and inspiration. It helps to reflect on questions such as: Who am I? What do I want? What are my hopes and dreams?

Aimed at people who want to develop themselves and actively want to get to work on their personal development.

It supports global life situations, improves performance and creates desirable situations.

What are the benefits?

NLP Coaching is suitable, for example, in the following situations:

- To set up a life plan; evaluate own objectives.

- To find ways to reduce the stress in our lives.

- To create a balance between work and private life that gives us satisfaction.

- To improve our ability to interact with others.

- To create more self-awareness.

- To improve our self-discipline and motivation.

- To be able to place past traumatic experiences in the here and now.

In addition, questions are addressed, such as:

- Why do I sometimes feel so insecure?

- What gives energy and what costs energy?

- What are my qualities and how can I use them optimally?

- How to get a good balance between work and home?

- In which direction do I want to take my life?

- What will inspire me?

- How can I better set boundaries?

- Why don’t I manage to achieve certain objectives?

What is the gain?

Through coaching sessions people find out what is important to them.

A life that gives you balance; but also fun, intimacy, energy and focus in every area of your life.

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