Neurotherapy – neurofeedback

What is Neurotherapy / Neurofeedback Training
All activities in our brains are like brain waves detectable by the small regular signals of electrical activity. These brain waves are influenced by things like stress, illness, unprocessed emotions, mistreatment, abuse, trauma, worry and anxiety, etcetera.
Our brain responds to these influences survival strategies. It seeks ways to cope with it or to protect ourselves against and creates new patterns. Some of these patterns are negative and lasting.

These survival strategies in our brain are visible in an EEG (electro-encephalogram) and restore using Neurofeedback training (EEG biofeedback).

With neurofeedback, the brain activity therapeutically influenced by systematically rewarding the right brain activity. With this you can learn your brains better and more efficient ‘paths’ to choose which makes that processes in the body can be optimally controlled.

How it works
With an EEG is clear how your brain patterns look like and will be viewed how it can be improved.

During a training session of half an hour you sit comfortably in a chair with some sensors on the training venues stuck. These sensors measure only your brain activity and stop nothing in your brain. Next, the trainer put your targets into the computer while you can watch a movie of your choice. When your brain suffice the set targets remains the image and sound of the movie optimal. If your brain doesn’t suffice the targets it get this feedback because the image quality degradation becomes visible and the sound less audible. That way your brain learns more and more desired paths to select the picture and sound because it remains optimal. This happens unconsciously and you do not actively participate. With sufficient training sessions, the brain is permanently adapted to the new desired pattern!

What is the remedy
Restoring the natural balance in the brains, a multitude of psychological, physical, spiritual, emotional and relational problems solving.

  •     Stress, Burnout
  •     Chronic fatigue
  •     anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, outbursts of anger, impatience
  •     Sleep disturbances, concentration problems and learning difficulties
  •     (Manic) depression, behavioral disorders, communication problems
  •     Addictions
  •     Brain
  •     Autism, ADD or ADHD-related symptoms such as hyperactivity
  •     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (eg after maltreatment, abuse or accident)
  •     Emotional instability, grief, mourning
  •     When not functioning optimally, directors, managers and athletes

People who train with neurofeedback experienced improvement in athletic performance, refined motor skills, concentration, everything is much easier, less effort to complete tasks, relaxation, personal development, reduced dependence on medication, emotional balance, a clear improvement in management skills.

Change is already noticeable after about 5 sessions and even more after 12 sessions. Lasting results are achieved after 25 sessions when two or three times a week training.

You get more rest and self-control, you come closer to yourself and you experience life here and now and ‘lighter’.

All forms of treatment within a Centrum Eén & Al are:
Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acunctuur, Astrology, Breath Therapy, Aromatherapy, Brain Wave Therapy, Business Coaching, Dry Needling, EFT, Family constellation, Physiotherapy, Weight Consultant, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Massage, Medical Tape, Medical Consult, Mulligan therapy, NEI therapy, Neurofeedback Training, Neurotherapy, Psychological astrology, Reconnective Healing, Past Life Regression / Reincarnation Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu Therapy, Walk Coaching, Nutrition Coaching.

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