NEI Therapy

What is NEI therapy
NEI therapy is a complex method of the best Eastern and Western techniques. Among other acupuncture, neuroscience, bio-kinesiology and applied psychology.

How it works
It is an easy and playful method that makes use of a muscle test. Science has proven that if you consciously say something that your subconscious does not agree with, a muscle relaxation occurs. You can think of the operation of a polygraph. By asking pointed questions, old, blocked emotions in the subconscious memory can be detected an then released. This is also a very nice and clean method, not another tells you something about you but yourself is doing that! You ‘used’ only the therapist as a tool for these answers from your own subconscious to obtain. For example, the answer to the question of what stops you here and now to enjoy life in all freedom!

Balance / imbalance
NEI therapy focuses on providing insight into the cause and motivation behind limiting beliefs or behaviors that you are physically and / or mentally out of balance. The body is the outward manifestation of our inner. When an imbalance by an unprocessed emotion remains as an emotional virus in your body behind. Ultimately, the body is a signal in the form of a symptom or complaint.
In order to solve them it is not necessary to talk long sessions to keep these often painful experiences, again by living in the past and thus to remain. Instead of emotional and heavy sessions are often fun and educational exploration. You will encounter various facts about yourself knowing that you did not know!

For what?
The NEI method has been proven in many areas. For example:

  • physical symptoms such as headaches, poor bowel habits, shortness
  • fears such as fear of the dentist, spiders, failure or fear of flying, panic attacks
  • smoking or other addictive behaviors such as eating disorders
  • lethargy and lack of vitality, depression
  • obesity, yo-yo effect, underweight
  • arthritis or other inflammatory / immune-related disorders
  • lack of confidence, not daring to stand up for yourself, negative self-assured
  • anger, depression, frustration, unfairness and aggression
  • relationship, for example, sexuality, (domestic) violence, power / powerlessness
  • stress, learning and / or behavioral problems, etc. ………….

Also for kids!
NEI is not age-dependent and so is suitable for children! Precisely to the simplicity and speed of this method. Children have their own issues and deserve all this attention and care. For very young children through a parent tested. In support of this therapy is used:

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

Awareness of your life theme: The Spiritual Blueprint
When the main blockages with NEI therapy are clarified you can insert the Spiritual Blueprint
to awareness your theme in this. You will gain insight and understanding for your ‘blueprint’ and thus in yourself and the process of your life.

Treatment with this method can free you of the past so that you can enjoy healing, growth and development!

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