What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness and mindfulness training is a practical and effective way to deal with stress, physical symptoms and fatigue. Stress is inextricably connected to life. What effect it has on you, is closely related to how you can deal with it.

Mindfulness training is a powerful exercise to repeatedly consciously attend whatever arises in your life. It is an exercise in attention to what happens to bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts, any time, in a mild and non-judgmental way.

Attention training is suitable for anyone who actively contribute to their own health and wellbeing will deliver.

The course consists of 8 weekly sessions of 2.5 hours, plus an entire practice day in silence. During the meetings, get instruction and go to work with the various exercises in the program, ranging from simple physical exercises to guided mindfulness meditation. There are also practical exercises on how to deal with stress, boundaries and communication. In addition there is extensive attention to backgrounds to these themes.

The program asks participants a daily home time investment of 30-45 minutes. You practice at home using the corresponding training CDs, and you get also  every week practical assignments you can fit in your everyday activities, giving you the mindfulness lasting place in your life.
During the meetings, the different exercises explained and practiced. There is also an opportunity to exchange experiences, so they can be best integrated into everyone’s daily life.

The premise of this course is: “there is more okay with you then there is wrong”. Mindfulness is not a discussion group or therapy. This program speaks to students on their own strength and self-healing. The course is accessible: there is no special knowledge, condition or experience required. Everyone exercises within the limits of his own situation.

It is important to all sessions to be present in connection with the build-up of the program.


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