Massage Hilversum

Massage Hilversum, sportsmassage and relaxmassage at Centrum Eén & Al
To stressed? Sore muscles? Just stop rushing and relax? Looking for the best massage in Hilversum? Within Centrum Eén & Al we have several possibilities for massage. For an appointment call 06-52084144.

Massage is the oldest and perhaps the best known method for relaxation. In the east massage is seen as a natural support of everyday existence. Deze pagina in Nederlands
Massage Hilversum
Sports Massage and Relaxation Massage
The sports massage is a massage that focuses on deep relaxation and muscle recovery.
Besides the relaxation of body and mind, massage also has therapeutic values. Research has shown that regular massage improves digestion, improves sleep and stimulates blood circulation. Also, the energy level will be positively influenced.
The fast pace of today’s performance-driven life, makes us often forget to take free time for ourselves. A massage is an excellent opportunity to relax and to give time to ourselves.

After exercise a massage is perfect to stimulate blood flow and thereby expel waste. A body massage lasts about an hour. It is also possible for parts of the body, for example, the back, or back and rear side legs, torso, and face, feet, to obtain massaged.

Aims of massage are:
- Relaxation (including reduction of muscle tension)
- Improvement of the circulatory
- Restoring the balance
- Stress reduction
- Promotion of the self-healing capacity (body’s own)
- Prevention of disorders (RSI related)
After a massage you will feel relaxed, refreshed, cheerful and happier.

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