Loopbaanbegeleiding & reintegratie in Hilversum, regio Gooi

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A large part of our lives we spend at work and career.
In all parts of your life it can be very convenient or even necessary to give attention to that parts with a profession.



Topics may include:
Career counseling                               Self-strengthening power of a team
Burn-out, bore out                               More intuitively decisions
Peak Performance                              Handling dominant people, customers, colleagues
Dealing with criticism                          Better grip on projects and creating a team
Talent Research                                 Cooperation Problems, conflicts
More confidence                                 Needs for mediation
Balance between work and life           Fear of public speaking
Support for entrepreneurship

What is business coaching and counseling?
Business coaching and career counseling is intensive coaching professionals on content, skills and beliefs. Depending on the need, the emphasis is on increasing performance, improving the quality of work, work more efficiently, or finding balance and pleasure in work and private life. Coaching ensures that performance and long-term goals are achieved and anchored.

For who
Business coaching is for both new and experienced entrepreneurs, project managers, athletes and other professionals who want to increase their performance. Are you involved in a change process? Are you with questions about the course of their own company? Are you at the beginning of a new stage in your career? Want to reflect with a professional on level with a fresh look?

Basically, what do you want, what are your strengths and how can you use them better? Together with your coach you can formulate your input and a plan of action.

7 reasons to choose business coaching
1. Gives structure
2. Forms a clear reflection
3. Provides insight and concrete tools
4. Aimed at achieving concrete objectives
5. Focused on self-steering
6. Professional and independent expertise
7. Resolving conflicts

Within Centre Eén & Al, various professionals are focused on business coaching, career or talent search. Contact us to see which professional or method is matching for you.

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