Loopbaancoach en Reintegratie Hilversum, regio Gooi

Loopbaancoach en Reintegratie in Hilversum, regio GooiDeze pagina in Nederlands

Let yourself being supported by an experienced Business Coach at:

- Difficult situations in your work
– Problems with leadership
– Problems with supervisors
– Tensions with colleagues
– Stress at work
– Lack of appreciation
– Problems with clearly communicating
– Uncertainty
– Concentration problems
– Lack of motivation
– And other problems in your work

Problems at work can have various causes. Not always you want to share this with colleagues. Then it is good to ask for guidance from an external independent coach who can advise you on your way to a good solution and the required knowledge and skills.

Key words here are balance and relaxation. These helps you get back into your power  and deliver from there a positive change. Therefore relaxation exercises makes part of the coaching.

Sometimes one or two sessions are enough but usually there are more sessions needed to achieve the desired result.

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