Life Coaching Hilversum

Lifecoaching in Hilversum bij Centrum Eén & Al this page in Dutch
What is Life Coaching

Coaching is a dialogue of equals in which the coach gives you the opportunity to learn, to clarify your own values, your potential and increase performance and helps you to focus on the successful achievement of your personal goals. An important principle is that you are the answer and the solution to all your challenges. Occasionally it may be convenient or necessary that someone else is walking beside you on your path to help you to be aware of this.

How does a conversation work with your coach?

  •      You get the chance to speak freely about you, your questions and problems, your relationship and family issues in the workplace …… etc.
  •      You get the chance to find out what you bothers you here and now in achieving your desires, goals, or simply happy
  •      You get the chance to understand your fears and phobias, to clarify this and leave it behind you
  •      You get the chance to use your coach as a sounding board for all your ideas as a business plan, starting a healthier lifestyle, make a career move, improve your sports performance ……..

In short: Life Coaching is an investment in you!

All forms of treatment within a Centrum Eén & Al are:
Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acunctuur, Astrology, Breath Therapy, Aromatherapy, Brain Wave Therapy, Business Coaching, Dry Needling, EFT, Family constellation, Physiotherapy, Weight Consultant, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Massage, Medical Tape, Medical Consult, Mulligan therapy, NEI therapy, Neurofeedback Training, Neurotherapy, Psychological astrology, Reconnective healing, Past Life Regression / Reincarnation Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu Therapy, Walk Coaching, Nutrition Coaching.

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