Heart Coherence for Children

On average children visit 3 to 4 times my office with complaints such as anxiety, dyslexia, insecurity, sleep and concentration problems. A consultation takes between 30 and 40 minutes after which I immediately discuss with a parent / caregiver. Depending on the demand for care of the child, I propose a program of moving, talking, doing exercises and games. Here I make use not only of HeartMath, but also of Brain Gym (eg dyslexia) and mindfulnes.

For free introductory meeting for the correct choice of method of treatment and therapist please contact Sandra Souisa at 06 52 08 41 44


The aim is that we have to learn your child a technique which he / she matters into their own hands. I feel that my background (among other things) at the primary school hereby is very useful. The results are (also) with children impressive:

Loes 10, group 7, folded close to making a Cito.

“After my first heartlesson went my CITO test much better. First I got the teacher time to do my exercises. Then I downloaded my delays, (incurred during the first part), did what I had to do that day, and then I was 15 questions ahead on the rest of the class, when the time was running out! If I didn’t know what to do during cito, I did my exercise and then it went good again. If I do my exercises I feel much better. ”

Vincent of 13 suffer from anxiety.

“Learning my French words went wrong. Then I panicked. Dad said I had to do my exercise. Then I managed to learn it. I got a good grade for my written exam. ‘

This video is an introduction Heart Brain learning.


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