Heart Coherence for Adults

A HeartMath training can take many forms, depending on your request for help. Example, if you never had any problems and you sleep poorly recently, then a short section of 3 sessions (50 minutes) are sufficient. Do you already have (much) longer symptoms (eg insomnia, heart rhythm disorders, panic attacks), then I work with the Stress Reduction Program. In this case, you have between 6 and 10 times to practice. In both cases we discuss and decide which path you will find the best fit.
The Stress Reduction Program is as follows: The training is a 1 on 1 training, with 6 to 10 sessions of 50 minutes, spread over 2 months. In between we keep in touch by phone or email.

For free introductory meeting for the correct choice of method of treatment and therapist please contact Sandra Souisa at 06 52 08 41 44

Practice and Effects
For two months, the need for daily using the technique is approximately 15 minutes (throughout the day). A large part of the exercises can be done almost anywhere. Results are immediately noticeable. Most participants use the technology quickly automatically everyday stress parry. During the first weeks, the effects become more powerful and noticeable after 3 months are usually the goals achieved. After these three months the results improve usually spontaneous. During the first 3 months, the use of technology is increasingly becoming a matter of course and after 3 months of consistent use, it is fully integrated into the daily pattern.

This video is an introduction Heart Brain learning.

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