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Centrum Eén & Al: that’s you and that’s us!

Centrum Eén & Al is an therapeutic and integrated health center in Hilversum. We offer for all ages a wide range of treatment modalities in all areas: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
This is reflected in:

  • physical therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, haptonomy, cranio sacral therapy, nutrition and exercise and medical rehabilitation training
  • emotional, mental / cognitive therapies as regression therapy, family and relationship coaching, neuro therapy, life coaching, nei-therapy, counseling, communication training and reintegration trajectories
  •  spiritual and energetic therapies like Reiki, Reconnective Healing, quantum biofeedback, astrology readings and intuitive massage

Centrum Eén & Al is a multidisciplinary center which is developing a shared vision of welfare, health and development. That vision is integral or holistic meaning that we see every human being as a whole, in connection with its environment: body and mind, emotions and beliefs, work and family, food, desires and ambitions.

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We approach each unique person from a holistic vision. We offer customized support through professional and comprehensive treatments.

We provide realization into the many treatments and see to it that every individual makes an appropriate choice from his or her core strength.

Within which topic is your question or complaint?

Together in developing
As professionals we work together in Centrum Eén & Al to inspire others and each other and to offer effective custom counseling. Learning and innovation are under our constant full attention!

Interested and want to know more? Call and make an appointment with the professional or method of your choice. Want a preliminary discussion to help you make a choice or a multidisciplinary project make an appointment with Sandra Souisa at 06-52084144.

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