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Focusing is a psychotherapeutic process developed by psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin. It is directing the attention into the body to feel how a situation feels inside.

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“Listening to the language of the body”.

How focusing works
An important topic in focusing is to work on a good attitude towards the feeling inside (the “felt sense”). In daily life we often ignore feelings that we don’t like or we fight against it. We want to get rid of those feelings and we want to feel good.

In the focusing process however we try and acknowledge and accept all feelings. From a distance you can describe, explore and experience and this creates the space for the feeling to unfold. When this happens it is often experienced as a relief.

There may come profound insights to the surface that can indicate the direction for real change.

The power of focusing is that you learn step-by-step to become more familiar with your feelings and what is happening in your body. Then you can create your own focusing moments in your everyday life. You’ll get more tuned in to your inner compass.

When is focusing appropriate?
Focusing works well for people who have difficulty making contact with their feelings as well as for people who just too overwhelmed.
It can provide insight and outcome in a large number of complaints and helps in personal development.

Focusing is a method that is applicable in several therapeutic orientations and can be combined with various techniques in psychological consultation.

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