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What is Familie opstelling?
A family constellation making is a form of therapy (systemic therapy) arising from the psychotherapy and among others developed by Bert Hellinger and Franz Rupert.

There is also talk of “system setups” because making an arrangement it is also very suitable for situations of systems outside the family to draw. Think about friendships, relationships, organizations (organizational constellations), but also feelings or thoughts within a person (eg “Me and my addiction” or “Me and my pain ‘)

It is possible to do a Family constellation with representatives and objects are drawn in space. For a configuration with several representatives are persons needed in a room. The advantage of a family of objects arrangement is that you can do this  1-to-1 with the practitioner.

Family Arrangement or Organization Setup with representatives
Often there is a group of approximately 10 participants and up to 1 or 2 counselors / therapists.
When you have a question or complaint you can make  an arrangement of yourself and your surroundings. You choose representatives for people in your area, also called your system. You put these representatives in the space where you also choose a viewing direction and attitude for this person. After that you have to sit in the room on your own site. Usually you choose to give yourself also a representative to put down and are  you  a viewer.

By making visible the system in which you find yourself, or originates, you can pattern or unresolved issues in your system to see and recognize. It can then also be brought in the position movement. It is a quick and powerful way to gain insight into a situation, but also to see where solutions can be found. Through the mobilization of the ‘field’, or the representatives in space,  they’re already working on a solution.

The therapist guides the process and maintains an overview of the setup. The therapist can ask the representatives to speak for simple, solving phrases. These phrases indicate clearly reflect how the order in a system is restored. In your life after making a family constellation large or very subtle effects become visible.

Family Constellations 1 – on-1 with objects
Unlike Family Constellations with people in the room are drawn, can also be used on objects in space or table can be drawn. It is a form of therapy which 1-to-1, along with the therapist is carried out. The advantage is that not only problems in relationships with other people can be drawn, but also problems or complaints “inside” the person.

With the 1-to-1 form may also be problems within organizations asked.

All issues that are put forward can be drawn. It’s a fun and very enlightening method that quickly comes to the core.

A combination of both methods
There is also the possibility for a group to look at how an arrangement of objects made. Sometimes, it may be preferable to jointly look at a situation, for example in case of problems within organizations. This work can form a solution.

For who
This form of therapy is suitable for children and adults. All the possible questions and problems may lend themselves to the creation of a set-up.

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