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EMDR therapeut Hilversum, Kleurtherapeut

We do not get upset by what is happening around us, but by our thoughts about it.

How it began:
Solar eclipse in august 1999 …. During that quiet moment where everything around me was dark, while the sun was at its highest position, a huge sense in me awakened: We are all suns but life places us in a circumstance which all rays suddenly blocks. We live in an eclipse!

In 2000 a search for my shadow side started and I asked myself the question: “How do I, despite all the events that happened in my life, return to my inner power?” Because I knew … behind the clouds, the sun always shines!

I found my answer in the intuitive development, healing (color healing and quantum touch), art therapy, solution focused therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), The Work of Byron Katie and training Medical knowledge base. These training programmes have shaped the kind of therapist I am now: energetic therapist.

During a consultation, I keep looking at your potential strengths that are hidden in every human being. Things that receive attention grow. In the same way you are encouraged to remember who and what you really are, without hiding for your personal obstacles.

- Not the problem itself is treated, but the way you look at it. You start working on yourself by focusing on the way you deal with your emotions, thoughts, judgments, beliefs (The Work of Byron Katie).

- Perhaps you have had a traumatic experience by which certain images, believes and thougths have influenced your life in a negative way (EMDR).

- Perhaps you need simple but decisive solutions to move forward in your life (Solution Focused Therapy).

- Perhaps you find it difficult to show your emotions, or that something plays in your life unconsciously that you cannot reach (Art Therapy).

- Or it could be that you have physical symptoms that doctors and medical specialists cannot cure but where alternative medicine can provide relief (Color Therapy and Quantum Touch).

Together we look for the kind of therapy that perfectly meet your needs and suits your personal preferences.  Sometimes this results in a combination of these therapies.

All these therapies are suitable for both adults and children. If you are physically unable to visit Center Een & Al, I can come to you.

Depending on your insurance, my consultations may be (partly) reimbursed.

Welcome to Center Een & Al!

Sunny regards,
Elsa Corolleur
EMDR therapeut Hilversum


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