Cranio Hilversum – Cranio Sacraal therapie

Cranio Hilversum Naarden-Bussum – Cranio Sacraal Therapie
Cranio Sacraal therapeut, coach, examinator opleiding Cranio Sacraal therapie. Deze pagina in Nederlands

Joop Haarman – Cranio Sacraal therapeut

We can not escape from it: our world is becoming increasingly frenetic and complex and that affects our existence. This does not apply to everyone, but many of us struggle with all kinds of problems in life in general.

Our natural inner balance can be disturbed by stress, disease and trauma. We often feel that we can not meet the high physical and mental demands put to us.

Craniosacral therapy
In my Craniosacral practice you can experience a very professional treatment of various complaints, both mentally and physically. And there will be coaching in your personal development: the rediscovery of your inner balance.

Additionally, you can also find your issues concerning infant and child therapy and psychic palliative care.

In my practice Energetic Cleaning of property is applied as well.

Craniosacral Therapy and coaching make a substantial contribution to the restoration and healing of numerous mental and physical symptoms.

Many health insurance companies reimburse all or part of Craniosacral therapy.
In my practice the holistic vision is key. Body and mind are united, inseparable. In my treatments I strive to heal this “broken” unity respectfully and effectively to recover, with a listening ear, with my heart and my hands.

Due to clairsentience and a natural interest in everything that moves the adult and child I chose this, for me ultimate fulfilling profession: Craniosacral therapist. On account of my background as a Reiki Master, my experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation and numerous specialist courses (psychology and psychiatry) I have been given much insight in dealing with people and their problems.

I gladly would  like to make an appointment with you.

I am examiner for Craniosacral Education PCSA in Bussum, the Netherlands: See their website for more information on education for Craniosacral Therapist

I welcome you to Centrum Eén & Al in Hilversum.
Joop Haarman

E: T:0031-646312006.


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