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autisme behandeling bij kinderen en volwassenen in Hilversum

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Do you have a form of autism or do you recognize yourself in characteristics of autism?
Then you think differently than others, because you absorb information in a different way. You have problems with sound, light and incentives. Because sound and incentives coming faster and harder to you, you become “overstimulated” and “overload” on the job or in your daily life than people without autism

We would like to support you in becoming aware of your needs, desires, goals and putting successful steps in your life. In addition, we assume by your abilities and talents.


People with autism are known for their detailed way of thinking and working. For that reason, some employers welcome employees with autism. They make mistakes because they had little in detail study the matter.
People with autism often have an increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli, especially for sounds, smells, colors and stimuli. They are very perceptive and see / smell / feel more than other people.

Problems in the workplace

Many people with autism experience problems in the workplace. Sometimes because it really does not go well, sometimes because the environment has little understanding and / or knowledge of autism.

Do you have the characteristics of autism, but not (yet) diagnosed?
Do you need help and support in managing your life and / or work?

Partner and / or parent of a (young) adults with autism

Do you have a relationship with someone with autism or are you a parent of an (young) adult with autism? Would you like tips on how to handle with the effects of autism? We also coach partners and / or parents of (young) adults with autism.


For questions and more information you can contact us via the contact form or call 06-52084144. You will be called back as soon as possible.

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