Begeleiding bij afslanken, afvallen Hilversum

Begeleiding bij afslanken en afvallen in Hilversum Deze pagina in Nederlands

Happy with yourself through life is a good balance between physical, mental, emotional and mental health.

Nutrition and Weight Coaching consultation

A very important part of your health starts with your diet. Without proper nutrition your body cannot function properly. Your daily diet should provide your body with energy, nutrients and all essential nutrients for protection from the outside and to do what your body is meant for. The better the quality of your diet, the better you can perform!

Our modern diet no longer meets the standards. By many factors such as modern farming techniques, to early harvest, prolonged transportation, use of pesticides and the impoverishment of the agricultural land is the quality of our diet greatly decreased.

Everything you think, feel, and do certainly eat are greatly determine your welfare and wellbeing. We help you enjoy watching how your current eating and exercise habits contribute to your health. Thus we can show you how easy and fun it can be to, with a little tweaking, you feel much fitter and more energetic.

Recognize example, the following symptoms??

  •     (Chronic) fatigue
  •     high blood pressure and stress
  •     gastrointestinal complaints, constipation
  •     headaches and migraines,
  •     arthralgia
  •     allergies, troubled skin
  •     lethargy, depression
  •     heart disease
  •     diabetes

Being healthy is more than just “not sick”. Problems arise over time, when you have over the longer term an incomplete diet. If there are deficiencies in nutrients incur every day you will notice initially not much, until obvious symptoms occur.

70% of GP visits is related to poor nutrition! Over half (!) Of Dutch people today suffer from obesity and related disorders.

This means that learning a healthier lifestyle many benefits can be achieved, both preventive and curative.

With a complete wellness scan, aimed at obtaining information about your lifestyle and physical condition, we can offer on the basis of the results customization and personal guidance. Central to this it can be fun, tasty and easy and can be tailored to your personal preferences.

This gives you a healthy lifestyle to a fit and active life full of energy!

All forms of treatment at Centrum Eén & Al are:
Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acunctuur, Astrology, Breath Therapy, Aromatherapy, Brain Wave Therapy, Business Coaching, Dry Needling, EFT, Family constellation, Physiotherapy, Weight Consultant, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Massage, Medical Tape, Medical Consult, Mulligan therapy, NEI therapy, Neurofeedback Training, Neurotherapy, Psychological astrology, Reconnective Healing, Past Life Regression / Reincarnation Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu Therapy, Walk Coaching, Nutrition Coaching.

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