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ADHD coaching

Why guidance ADHD?

• You find it difficult to keep your attention somewhere
• You feel chaos in your head and have chaos on your desk
• You feel generally physically restless (hunted, have difficulty sitting still, fidgets and are very agile)
• You often begins with great enthusiasm on something, but have struggled to finish it
* You forget a lot of things and things gets lost
• You often does not seem to listen
• You often at a stretch
• You can continuously (hyper focus) go to something that excites and stimulates enough and then feel tired
• You suffer from physical symptoms such as anxiety, depression, compulsions, permanent fatigue.

In recent years there has been increasing awareness about AD (H) D: “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” or attention deficit (hyperactivity). Previously it was thought that AD (H) D only in children occurred. Now it is known that AD (H) D has nothing to do with age. People with AD (H) D often face misunderstanding. They always get told they do not do things well or that they should have done it otherwise. This makes them insecure.

Many people with AD (H) D experienced problems in the private and working environments. Sometimes because it really does not go well, sometimes because the environment has little understanding and / or knowledge of AD (H) D.

Do you have the characteristics of AD (H) D, but not (yet) diagnosed?
Do you need help and support in managing your life and / or work? Please contact us through the contact form and you will be called back as soon as possible.

Partner and / or parent of a (young) adults with AD (H) D
Do you have a relationship with someone with AD (H) D or are you a parent  of a (young) adult with AD (H) D? Would you like tips on how to handle with the impact of AD (H) D? We also coach partners and / or parents of (young) adults with AD (H) D.

Contact us at 06-52084144 or via the contact form and you will be called back as soon as possible.

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